Real Estate Management | Property Management

Every year we are proud to welcome new clients which results in a more diversified and larger property portfolio.

We look after our clients’ retail or office buildings, semi-industrial business parks, warehouses and apartment complexes.

Our clients trust us to ensure that their properties are fully utilized and maintained in the best possible condition.

As a confidential adviser and partner, we look after our clients’ interests on all fronts: administrative, financial and technical.

We provide a help desk to handle all of the clients’ questions.
Outside business hours, the necessary follow-up is assured by a permanent service.


01. Technical management

Technical management includes:

  • Ensuring proper operation and preventive and corrective maintenance of the building and any technical installations.
  • Drafting proposals, budgets and provisions for maintenance programmes and improvements to the building.
  • Monitoring these maintenance programmes.
  • Advising the owner in the selection and appointment of maintenance companies, suppliers and contractors.
  • Having the required periodic checks and inspections performed.
  • Having the premises inventoried at the beginning and end of a rental contract.

02. Administrative management

Administrative management includes:

  • Storing and tracking of the contractual documents such as leases, schedules of conditions, by-laws, etc.
  • Assistance with drafting contracts and monitoring compliance
  • Monitoring rental guarantees
  • Obtaining permits and helping their renewal process
  • Administering insurance policies and handling claims
  • Storing, monitoring and, if necessary, assisting in the renewal of all legally required permits, certificates, etc.
  • Regular consultations with tenants and landlords

03. Financial management

Financial management includes:

  • Regular rent collection and indexation
  • Monitoring compliance of payments with lease conditions
  • Charging property taxes, if applicable
  • Centralization, monitoring and payment of incoming invoices
  • Provisioning service charges
  • Preparing regular statements for service charges
  • Monitoring correct payment of these statements
  • Providing the owner with the necessary financial overviews and forecasts of rental income and expenses
  • Regularly informing the owner about the current condition of the property by providing updated reports that contain critical property data and anticipated actions or issues

04. Project Management

Through prudent and in-depth preparation and through intensive communication with our clients, we strive to reduce the time needed for each single stage of the project, in order to make the property as soon as possible income producing.

The budgets are closely monitored throughout every stage of the project, while the quality of work and materials used is surveyed carefully. This leads inevitably to higher efficiency and lower capital expenditures.

The client is completely relieved of the task of managing the project and is represented by us entirely according to his wishes throughout all stages of the project, ranging from preliminary studies and design to implementation and delivery.

Cobelpro is the single point of contact for all parties involved in the execution of a project, and constantly interacts with the client, the architects and the contractors.

  • One single point of contact
  • Burden of monitoring projects transferred to Cobelpro
  • Limiting and reducing risks
  • Cost control
  • Investment cost reduction
  • Time management
  • Quality improvement

05. Park management

  • Pegasus Park
  • Axis Parc
  • Namur Office Park
  • Nivelles Office Park
  • Hoeilaart Office Park
  • Retail Park Lier
  • Watson & Crick Office Park

06. Facility Management

  • Pegasus Park
  • Axis Parc
  • Namur Office Park
  • Nivelles Office Park
  • Hoeilaart Office Park
  • Retail Park Lier
  • Watson & Crick Office Park
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